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Estey-Hoover has over four decades of media engagement experience. In the age of instantaneous 24-hour news cycles, controlling your media exposure is everything. We’ve helped clients from Orange County, California to Manhattan, New York – and everywhere in between, delivering the right message at the right time.
1975 − 2017
World Events and Estey-Hoover Highlights
The 1970's

The World

  • Bill Gates and Paul Allen form Microsoft

  • Saturday Night Live (SNL) debuts

  • Steve Wozniak invents the Apple I computer with Steve Jobs

  • Star Wars premiers

  • Walkman, the first portable stereo, makes it's debut.

  • Soviet Union invades Afghanistan


  • Estey-Hoover is founded in Newport Beach, CA by Dan Hoover in early 1975.

  • Golden West Manufactured Housing becomes first E-H client, lasting 15 years.

  • E-H elected to the American Association of Advertising Agencies (4A’s) in 1977.

  • Estey-Hoover acquires Independent Technical Publications, enters high-tech communications sector.

  • Epson’s (West) four-year contract expands Estey-Hoover into micro-computer sector.

  • E-H partners with Gallup Poll and Wheaton College for national research on religion in America.

  • St. Jude Hospital retains Estey-Hoover, expanding agency into healthcare services sector.

  • Estey-Hoover conducts its first national PR media tour for Ungame Co., resulting in book and game related interviews on talk shows, TV news & major print coverage.

  • Estey-Hoover expands into nationwide food service sector, providing local & national PR and advertising for multiple Grace Restaurant chains & Far West Services.

  • Estey-Hoover creates and launches its first major direct response B2B campaigns in Europe, South America, Canada and the U.S. for Expoxylite Corporation, resulting in an immediate 55% increase in orders.

  • Dan Hoover elected to two terms on 4A’s Client Service Committee (N.Y.)

The 1980's

The World

  • The U.S. Hockey Team wins a gold medal at the Winter Olympics in Lake Placid.

  • Raiders of the Lost Ark & E.T  hit the theaters

  • Michael Jackson releases Thriller

  • Cellular phone service tested in Chicago

  • Macintosh launched via historic 1984 Super Bowl TV commercial

  • Space shuttle Challenger meets with disaster

  • Black Monday marks the largest one-day percentage decline in Dow Jones history

  • The Berlin Wall falls after 28 years

  • World Wide Web is born

  • Coca-Cola changes its 99-year old formula. And then quickly changes back to “Classic Coke”.


  • Household International’s Household Federal S & L hires Estey-Hoover, expanding agency’s services into financial sector.

  • E-H launches largest industrywide co-op PR & TV campaign in history for Manufactured Housing Association. Art Linkletter hired as spokesperson.

  • Castrol Oil Company hires E-H, lasting over a decade. Expands agency services into energy sector.

  • Kwikset Locks (Emhart, Black & Decker) hires E-H for five years. Expands agency’s services into to DIY, hardware & home center sectors.

  • Estey-Hoover acquires International Sport Images, (changes name to Professional Sport Images), expanding agency’s services into sports sector.

  • E-H moves into Automotive and aftermarket sectors with dealers, The Auto Channel, and Meguiar’s Wax.

  • E-H retained as North American PR & ad agency for Tacke Windtechnik GmbH of Germany, expanded services into wind turbines and renewable energy sector.

  • La Paz Products begins three-decade long relationship with E-H, expanding agency’s services into beverage sector.

  • E-H becomes agency for Standard Communications, entering cellular and communications sector.

  • E-H partners with United Way, Red Cross & Arts Council, opening services to non-profits.

  • Estey-Hoover provides creative art for national Ad Council’s “Take A Bite Out of Crime” campaign.

The 1990's

The World

  • East and West Germany are reunited.

  • The first website goes online.

  • Iraq invades Kuwait. Operation Desert Storm ensues.

  • The Cold War officially ends; Soviet Union dissolves.

  • The first human is cloned and theater goers are thrilled by Jurassic Park.

  • Forest Gump debuts in theaters, wins 6 Academy Awards. Titanic ties Ben Hur for the most Oscars with 11.

  • O.J. Simpson is acquitted.

  • Google is founded.

  • Frank Sinatra dies at 82.


  • Estey-Hoover’s Professional Sport Images division signs numerous contracts with high-profile professional athletes in the NFL & MLB; obtains partnership & license with the National Football League.

  • E-H retained on 3-year media/community PR contract for Tishman & Met Life—in cooperation with law firm Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher, expanding agency’s legal specialty.

  • E-H forms partnership with R. Thomas Ashley to handle marketing of major real estate auctions in 27 states for financial institutions, developers.

  • Estey-Hoover begins a decades long relationship as regional Media Liaison for the “Partnership For A Drug Free America.”

  • E-H retained for Miss Universe, Miss USA, Miss Teen USA titleholders’ PR and pageant promotions.

  • OC Transportation Authority (OCTA) selects Estey-Hoover for multi-year contract to provide the public and media with “infographics” on major transportation initiatives.

  • Estey-Hoover signs multi-year PR & advertising agreement with Mission Crane Service, moving agency deeper into national game and toy sectors.

  • E-H enters into heavy-equipment and infrastructure industrial construction sector with Mark Industries and Brooks Concrete Water Systems contracts.

The 2000's

The World

  • The world celebrates the new millennium.

  • The dot-com bubble bursts.

  • The World Trade Center is attacked by terrorists.

  • Coalition forces invade Iraq.

  • The Terminator becomes governor of California.

  • An enormous tsunami strikes Indonesia and devastates major areas of Asia.

  • Hurricane Katrina wreaks havoc on the Gulf Coast.

  • YouTube is launched and Twitter tweets take off.

  • Apple debuts the iPhone and Amazon the Kindle.

  • Beijing hosts the Olympic games.

  • Fidel Castro steps down after 49 years in power.

  • Avatar became the first movie to gross more than $2 billion.


  • Woodside Biomedical (Abbott Labs) hires E-H for national launch of FDA approved “Relief Band”, moving agency deeper into medical devices and biomedical sectors.

  • TRW Information Services (Experian) retains E-H for national rebranding campaign of major credit reporting programs.

  • TRW Defense & Space Technology (Northrop-Grumman) retains Estey-Hoover for worldwide media buying and creative consulting.

  • Sona MedSpas’ largest U.S. franchises retain E-H for major broadcast, print and PR campaigns, greatly expanding agency’s depth in beauty/vanity sectors.

  • Estey-Hoover launches NBA basketball team (National Basketball Association) development team in Orange County CA.

  • Gateway/eMachines retain Estey-Hoover for creative and media launches of new computer products.

  • Emer-gen’C (Alacer Corp.) retains E-H for nationwide PR, branding, sampling & sponsorship tour promotions.

  • MegaPath, U.S. leader in manage IP communications, retains E-H for multi-market consumer campaigns print & radio campaigns.

  • E-H becomes international agency for Le Gala Des Etoiles, renowned all-star dance company based in Montreal, Canada.

  • E-H handles marketing, PR, & advertising for largest auction of new homes in U.S. history.

  • E-H retained by German-based Kipp International & Nickel Putters for U.S. product launches; Agency signs on GABA (German American Business Assoc.) 

  • Eagle Roofing lands at Estey-Hoover for national new and replacement roofing products’ consumer & co-op programs.

The 2010's

The World

  • BP explosion releases 42,000 gallons of oil per hour into the Gulf of Mexico for 86 days.

  • Nearly 2 billion people watch Kate Middleton marry Prince William on live television.

  • London hosts the Olympic games and the Mayan Calendar reaches the end of its cycle.

  • Edward Snowden blows the lid off the NSA spying activities.

  • The new World Trade Center is completed.

  • Worst terrorist attack on U.S. soil since 9/11/2001 happens in San Bernardino, CA.

  • Donald Trump elected President of the United States.

  • North and South Korean team up for 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang.


  • Estey-Hoover opens East Coast office in Manhattan NY, headed by E-H Partner, Edith Pardo, specializing in financial PR & crisis management.

  • AMVETS (American Veterans) Department of California Service Foundation retains E-H for PR, ads and public service campaigns for homeless vets.

  • CHC (Correctional Healthcare Companies) task E-H with national PR programs and recidivism information on jails & prisons.

  • MK Battery (East Penn Manufacturing) retains E-H for multi-year international advertising & PR services. Agency links US Power Soccer and World Cup Team USA to MK title sponsorship relationship.

  • Taste of Newport (Music & Food festival); and Ski Dazzle (largest ski show in America) hire Estey-Hoover for multi-year, major event PR and advertising campaigns.

  • MFLEX (Fineline Electronix, Inc.'s Nasdaq: MFLX) retains E-H for international updates and ongoing maintenance of the public company’s branding/positioning & marketing materials.

  • California Schools Joint Powers Authorities retains E-H for multi-year media, creative, PR and social campaigns for three divisions.

  • Linden Educational Services/Tours selects E-H to plan and buy digital and traditional  media for educational recruitment fairs held in markets around the globe from Singapore to Thailand, to China, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Mexico, Panama and parts in-between.


Today is the start of a new beginning. Since 1975 Estey-Hoover has been making “today” all about our client’s needs. Our mission has always been clear: provide reliable service for our clients; conduct ourselves in a manner that earns their continued trust; and bring the best that we have to every client, every day. Businesses across the United States and in foreign countries trust Estey-Hoover to deliver results.

Inspiration is a product of the creative mind. It is desire, ambition, and passion that drives us beyond what we thought imaginable. In the past four decades, there have been considerable changes to the way we communicate. Information that once took weeks to deliver now pops up on smartphones instantaneously. Today, it’s more important than ever to influence that message. With offices in Orange County, California and Manhattan, New York, Estey-Hoover has been getting the message right for clients all across the country for the last 43 years.

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